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Embrace the Suck (Part 1) – Empty House Party

Like everything, life as a Milfam is filled with its good and bad. PCS season embraces both edges of this sword. Leaving our home where we have carved out a place for ourselves to grow, love, laugh, and cry is never easy (and that’s before dealing with the rental company’s cleaning list!).  We smile and say things like “See ya later” and “Maybe we’ll have a bigger house, yard, better shopping …” all with an unshed tear for the place and people we’re leaving.


In honor of mom...

We Are All Bad Moms, Even The Best Of Us.

During the morning parking lot chat, you know the one where we moms hurriedly thrust backpacks, lunches and kisses onto our precocious bundles of joy, then watch them meander like confused lemmings across 100 feet of school grounds while we... Continue Reading →

I Found Myself In A Rut

It’s easy, a little too easy, to get bogged down with the day to day aspects of life and fall into a rut.  Sometimes just getting the kids up, dressed, and off to school seems like a major win, like... Continue Reading →

I am Excited About A Vacuum… What!

A while back, our little vacuum started hinting at retirement, but the floors were still looking cleaner than before we put it to use, so of course we ignored it.  Then came the day when the untwins excitedly ran to... Continue Reading →

Without Healing, We Grow Weaker

A little over a week ago, I suffered an acute strain of the right abductor digiti minimi.  In English, I tore the muscle that runs from the lower arm into the pinky finger. It all started at the gym.  Being... Continue Reading →

Not My March

The last week has been a flurry of political activity in internet land.  Trump’s inauguration was protested, it happened, and then protested some more.  On Saturday, the women marched everywhere.  Some tried to ignore it.  Most of the country talked... Continue Reading →

Life Is Adventure

All we want, children and adults, is to have some idea of what the future holds, some idea (misplaced as it may be) that someone is in control, and we aren’t hurling forward at light speed without a safety harness. ... Continue Reading →

Giving Your Kids The World Could Be Ruining Them.

“You can be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do, make the world anything you want it to be.”  Parents say something like this to their children every day, sometimes multiple times, in a desperate bid... Continue Reading →

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